We offer our free Nursery Know-how service to help you select the right furniture, equipment and resources if you’re kitting out a new classroom, zone or outdoor area, or want to refresh or refurbish an existing space.

A site visit isn’t necessary. We just need some simple information to get the ball rolling. Most important is telling us what the room or space is, how many children will be using it and what age they are. 

We’ve helped customers with budgets of quite different sizes, so an idea of what you have to spend is very useful too. 

Sue Harris, one of our Know-how team says, “Because we know our ranges so well, we can suggest items that can be swapped in or out of room settings and zones to match your precise needs. We’ll also consider your future plans. If you’re setting up a new nursery for example, it’s unlikely that you’ll start with the number of children you’ll eventually end up with. So we’ll recommend furniture and ranges that are easy to add to as you expand.” 

If you’d like our help, just email Sue@earlyyearsdirect.com , complete this Nursery Know-how form or read more about it here.