We’re delighted to announce that Lalita Hedges, one of the most familiar faces in the early years sector, has joined Early Years Direct. With over 25 years of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and skill to our team.

“Working to create spaces that inspire practitioners, children and parents is my passion.” Lalita says, “Early Years Direct is a small, friendly company with a great reputation – and that means I’ll be able to look after customers on a much more personal level. 

For example, I am increasingly finding that customers are asking for help to select products suitable for EYPP funding. And going forward, this is a service we want to offer more and more. If you want a product that does X or Y or even Z, we’ll know where to look for it in our range!

I’m really looking forward to meeting customers old and new in the coming months - and being part of the Early Years Direct success story.” 

Lalita will be working in close co-operation with Sue Harris – with Lalita taking responsibility for customers in the north of the UK and Sue in the south. Sue will also continue to host showroom visits at our headquarters in the Cotswolds. 

Sue says, “Having Lalita on board means we can offer a better service to all our nursery groups. We’ll have more opportunities to visit our customers and understand exactly what nurseries’ needs are. It’s a very exciting time.”

Contact Lalita or Sue.