January 2019 finds the Early Years Direct team in our new office in Cirencester. We were on a converted military base, now we’re in a purpose-built business park! Often called the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’, Cirencester is a town with a rich history.

In Roman times, Cirencester was called Corinium and was the second largest town in Roman Britain. Today the town’s Corinium Museum has many Roman treasures on display, including some stunning mosaics. 

Stroll into the centre of town and you’ll find it dominated by the Parish Church of St John Baptist, most of which dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. A ‘wool church’, its construction was probably made possible because of the wealth created in the area by Cotswold sheep.

Now a rare breed, Cotswold sheep grow particularly long and lustrous wool that was highly prized in the medieval period. (These sheep are probably also the reason behind the name of one of our favourite meeting spots in town, The Fleece…)

The Early Years Direct office is not far up the hill from the Roman amphitheatre and just round the corner from the Royal Agricultural University, the oldest agricultural college in the English-speaking world. It feels like home already!

And the winners are...
Congratulations to Anne Shrieves from Nestledown Childcare and Cheryl Griffiths from Cirencester Primary School, a bit of local knowledge obviously helped! Sorry if you weren't a lucky winner, thanks for taking part. We will be in touch to check your delivery details, your flock of sheep will be on their way soon...