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image 10th Anniversary Top Ten

Our simple, sturdy and superbly functional Wobbler Chairs take the number one position in our Anniversary countdown. They’re Top Ten Tastic!

1 Wobbler Chair
2 Easel
3 Tidy Rack

4 Rectangular Laminate Top Table
5 Single Sided Bookcase

6 Mini Beast Carpet

7 Sleep Mats
8 Smartmax
9 Sensory Blocks
10 Seasons learning board


image Stickle Bricks Prize Draw

We confess to having a bit of a soft spot for Stickle Bricks. (Perhaps because they remind us of when we were young…!) And as they appear on one of the Royal Mail’s new Classic Toys Stamps, we’ve decided to give a tub away. For your chance to win, email us here with Stickle in the subject line by 31st October 2017*

*Terms and Conditions

image Ten years of our tables

Alderley Day Nursery in Cheshire was one of our first customers back in 2007 – and when we visited them recently, it was great to see the tables and chairs we supplied ten years ago still looking so good!

Managing Director Melanie Hallam says “We consider every detail in our nursery – and we like to use natural materials to create an environment where children’s natural ability to learn can have free expression. We’ve been ordering from Early Years Direct since we opened. The range always has so much to offer and doesn’t cost the earth!”


image It’s a win win!

Well done to Katherine Iles of Counterslip Pre-School, Bristol who receives a set of Eggspressions wooden eggs and to Caroline Oliver of Hopscotch Children’s Nurseries, Brighton who wins a Bumbo Floor Seat. As they both told us, “That’s great news!”


image 10th anniversary year launch

We thought the Nursery World Show in London was the ideal place to kick off the celebrations for our 10th anniversary year. With special bunting, lots of new products and a delicious surprise cake from our lovely next-door-but-one show neighbours Cosy, this is just the start of the fun we’ve got planned!


image Happy Boxes!

Down in the EYD warehouse lives a green pixie called Stuart. He spends his days, listening to Radio 4 and picking and packing your orders. Stuart has a cunning mind and active imagination and an interesting history. You see in the past, Stuart has been an ecologist, an environmentalist and done many other interesting and slightly unbelievable things, including surfing with alligators in Borneo…

Inside his green pixie head, he dreams his green dreams, thinks his green thoughts and likes to turn these green thoughts into reality. This includes reusing cardboard boxes for orders.

You see, Stuart has known for a long, long time that there is a hierarchy of waste! (For those not steeped in green pixie lore, this hierarchy states that the best thing to do about waste is not make any in the first place, and if this really can’t be avoided, to reuse any waste you create.)

So Stuart talked to the fairies that live across the way in the EYD office and said, "We must tell everyone I'm sending their orders in reused boxes on purpose, or they may think we don't care about them a bit!"

So Happy Box stickers were born. Every box that we reuse and keep in circulation is now adorned with a smiley sticker to show how happy we are that we've saved more cardboard from being buried or burnt.

And because we’d like the boxes to stay being used and happy for as long as possible, and because all children like boxes to play with, once you’ve unpacked them, we’d like them to be drawn on, or made into ships or roads or jungles or castles or robots or just about anything!

Stuart the green pixie would really like to see what happens to the boxes, so why not email him some photos at warehouse66@earlyyearsdirect.com. He’ll find some green pixie prizes for the ones he likes best!

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image Camera, lights, action...

We now have three great animations of some of our favourite products in action - watch them on You Tube now...

EYD Little Films started as a bit of fun for 14 year old Jack, but we think you'll agree they're worth a watch.


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